Affiliate programmes

In affiliate programmes the advertiser doesn’t buy ads on the advertising medium’s terms. Instead, the media (partners, affiliates) promote the advertiser on terms that it itself has set. The settlement method usually contains a performance-based provision (sales, lead, registration).

Affiliates don’t usually limit their actions to placing an advertisement on their website, but also conduct e-mail campaigns, SEM, and take other actions, also in social media.

A correctly constructed affiliate programme can be an excellent source of profits for the advertiser, generating a constant and, more importantly, secure return on investment. Adequate ensures comprehensive advice in creating and managing affiliate programmes.

Performance marketing

The payment-for-effect model greatly reduces the advertiser’s risk related to return on the advertising investment. In adapting to customer needs, affiliate programmes offer a broad range of settlement methods, including settlements in the pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead or pay-per-registration models.

Affiliate fraud audits

Unfair affiliates often use special techniques to hide the real nature of their activities and break the affiliate programme’ terms and conditions.We have detected undesired or unfair practices in majority of audited affiliate programmes, including cases of large-scale fraud.

These unfair techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Brand-bidding in paid search results and other affiliate spam campaigns in search engines;
  • Cannibalisation of client’s own advertising campaigns;
  • Discount coupons abuse (including non-existing discounts);
  • Cookie spam in social media and organic search results.

The stronger advertiser’s brand is, the higher is the risk of abuse.

Our consulting includes comprehensive monitoring and attribution modelling analytics, in order to minimise risk of fraud and abuse in affiliate programmes.

Contact us for support in gaining customers through affiliate programmes and for information regarding non-standard methods of settlement for Internet campaigns, as well as regarding fraud protection in affiliate programmes.

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