Our mission is to provide smart and profitable marketing solutions to our Clients and to support their sales and business development.

Who are we?

Adequate boutique interactive agency is a team of highly experienced digital marketing specialists located in Poland.

  • We’ve been managing online advertising campaigns since 2005 and are one of the first firms in Poland to have received Google certification.
  • The cornerstone of every campaign we create is an in-depth analysis of our customer’s business processes and marketing goals. We believe that only a well thought-out and properly planned strategy aligned with the customer’s aims makes it possible to achieve success in this highly competitive market.

Why us?

  • Our guiding principle is constant optimisation of advertising costs. Methods and resources must be adequate to the campaign goals. We don’t view a campaign budget as money to be spent, but as an investment whose effects, measurable and controlled at all times, will become an indicator of our joint success.
  • Professionalism, knowledge, experience and quality – these are the pillars of Adequate’s philosophy, supported by skill, effectiveness and high ethical standards.

Contact us

If you’re searching for effective and thought-out boutique solutions – please contact us today. Our clients are already winning.

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As Certified Google Partner, we comply with Google Third-Party Policy and we recommend Advertiser Guide: working with a third-party partner.

Awards and Nominations

ad – abbreviation of advertisement, in British usage also advert: an announcement, sign, poster, film, recording or other visual or audio form whose aim is to promote brand awareness or induce others to perform a given action, most often to purchase particular goods or services.

equate – to regard, treat, or represent as equivalent: to define one thing as the same as or equivalent to another;

equate to – to be equal: to be the same with regard to quantity, number or size.

adequate - sufficient or appropriate for a given purpose, suited, correct, corresponding, adapted.

Adequate - Interactive boutique

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