Google Ads – Google’s advertising programme

Google Ads is Google’s advertising programme, which makes it possible for advertisers to place search engine ads in Google and in other partner search engines, as well as advertising on Google’s advertising network and YouTube.

Until 2018, the name of Google Ads was AdWords. 

Google Ads operates is in the pay-per-click (PPC) system. The price per click is set in an auction and depends on the competition of advertisers for a given keyword and their bids, as well as the quality of the advertisement as determined by a complex algorithm that reflects the accuracy of the advertisement and its usefulness to a recipient, measured using Quality Score.

The Google Ads system means you can adjust the distribution of advertisements to an advertiser’s individual needs, which results in a significant increase of their effectiveness. Google Ads makes it possible to:

  • Direct users to individually selected landing pages;
  • Exclude undesirable keywords;
  • Adjust the content of advertisements to the keyword, the user’s physical location within a freely defined geographical area;
  • Use schedules that vary the intensity with which advertisements are displayed and their content in relation to the day of the week and the time of day;
  • Apply advanced mechanisms for tracking user behaviour and the effectiveness of advertisements (conversion tracking);
  • Use automatic systems for managing campaign content (API) and statistical analysis.

The Google advertising network includes a great number of websites that display Google Ads. They include many leading online portals and sites such as YouTube.

The advertising network makes it possible to show advertising in many formats:

  • text ads (advertising boxes);
  • display ads (static and animated);
  • video and multimedia ads;

The Google network’s significant advantage is in its advanced method of ad targeting:

  • the most advanced contextual targeting system;
  • behavioural targeting and remarketing (retargeting);
  • flexible targeting to selected websites and hybrid targeting;

The Google Ads system does not require a minimum campaign budget, and if the advertiser limits it, the system allows costs within the sum indicated for advertising spending to be optimised. There are no time limits. A campaign can be suspended, stopped or modified at any time.

The effective management of Google Ads campaigns requires in-depth knowledge and experience. Adequate has a team of Poland’s most experienced specialists in Google Ads advertising campaigns, which they have been managing since 2005. We are one of the first Polish firms certified by Google.

Contact us to find out more about managing Google Ads campaigns.

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