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How to remove unwanted content from Google

Only in rare legal situations, you can ask Google to remove the content. Google indexes the Intenet as it appears, whether you like it or not. If there is unwanted content, you have to stary branding activity in search engines, related to search results of product or company keywords, but opposite to classical Search Engine Marketing, you have to focus not only on the company website position, but also on the content of other websites from the first search result pages.

Why should you do it?

Search Engines (in most countries – mainly Google) are one of the most important sources of information and reviews about businesses and products. Users are searching for:

  • official information on the company website;
  • online media publications about the company or product;
  • reviews on blogs, discussion forums and social media portals.

Nowadays, what Internet users find on websites listed on the first page of Google search results, is one of the most important factors building product and company reputation online.

  • Usually, there is a number of websites with large amount of content with negative views on the product and company. Sometimes it is random content, displayed in search results, as Google is not able to find other valuable content relevant to search query, but it can be also an intentional result of malicious activity.
  • Publications being result of the PR activities not always appear on top positions in Google search results.
  • Attempts to remove unwanted content by, for example, legal actions or offering material compensation or by other forms of influence, most likely will bring no results, among others because of existing copies. Such actions are risky and, if revealed to public, potentially may cause PR crisis.

Why even couple of negative reviews matter?

People searching for reviews in the Internet usually focus on negative reviews. We acknowledge positive reviews, while we carefully read the negative ones. Even one or couple of negative reviews can have stronger impact than numerous positive reviews.

Ebay PR

How does it work?

In the example below, there are many negative and neutral reviews on the first page of Google search results:

Jak działa SEO PR

SEO PR activities promote positive reviews. Negative reviews are moved to lower positions and their impact decreases:

Jak działa SEO PR

The top 3 results are most important as they are clicked by 60% of visitors. The top 7 search results are responsible for 85% of clicks . The 10th search result link is clicked only once per 50 search result page impressions. Less than 6% users visit second page of search results.

Ultimately, negative content disappears from the first page of Google search results.

Further SEO PR activities may remove negative reviews also from the second and following pages of Google search results.

Google Ads campaigns

Sponsored links help to immediately react to PR crisis situations. Using AdWords, Google advertising system, desired communication is promoted to people searching for relevant key phrases. This is recommended to promote official information placed on the product or company website.



  • In a TV show, an influential person says that our product, X-Example causes cancer. As result, number of searches in Google for the relevant product rapidly increases.
  • Google AdWords campaign allows immediate reaction in this case.

Pożądane treści w google

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