2019/07/09 12:12

How to double conversion of a market leader’s campaign [case study]

It is easy to grow fast if you are a startup or operate in an emerging niche. Increasing sales is not difficult if your advertising budgets are very high and you can sacrifice your profitability. However, if you are a leader in a highly competitive mass market and have to increase not only your revenue but also profits, you face a real challenge.

The following case study shows how numerous improvements in our Client’s campaigns, made it possible to increase sales without sacrificing profitability. It was nominated to European Search Awards in the “Best PPC Campaign” category. Performance Marketing Case Study

An important part of this success was the video campaign, with hard evidence of effectiveness measured by conversion lift study: YouTube Campaign – Conversion Lift Study

This TrueView for Action campaign was also published as a case study by Think With Google.




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