2012/08/18 10:25

Polish Stem Cells Bank Facebook Campaign

Polish Stem Cell Bank (Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych, PBKM) chose Facebook to run its first social media campaign and sweepstake to increase product awareness among pregnant women, promote successful transplant stories, collect sales leads and observe social media attribution to lead conversion rate.

The company offered free 3D ultrasound examinations in a sweepstake to attract expecting parents to the page and published photos, movies and stories of patients cured by cord blood transplants.

The action was promoted by Facebook Marketplace Ads and Sponsored Stories: The sweepstake ad was seen over 50 million times. Sponsored Stories and Page Post Ads were published after the sweepstake ended.

A Facebook canvas application collected and processed data from sweepstake participants; additionally, free 3D ultrasound scans for recommended friends encouraged referrals to other expecting parents and generated an additional 19% submissions .

As a results of this action, a community of over 16000 fans who liked the page developed, from scratch, within two months. At the final stage of the campaign, page posts were spontaneously shared up to 100 times, reaching approximately 6m people weekly. During the campaign, Facebook became third source to the company website.

Tomasz Baran, Sales and Marketing Director, Polish Stem Cell Bank, said that having a presence on Facebook brings the company tangible attribution to sales conversions, and important information about the clients‘ views and expectations.

Polish Stem Cell Bank (Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych, PBKM) is Poland’s largest cord blood bank. Stem cells, obtained from the umbilical cord blood at the birth of the child are cryopreserved, stored and may be used for future transplants. The company ran a sales and product awareness campaign targeting expecting parents. The campaign was created by internactive agency Adequate.

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