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We've been a dedicated interactive agency, providing steadfast support to both Polish and international brands in a wide spectrum of digital marketing endeavors for numerous years. Our core expertise lies in SEM and analytics, and our success is driven by our depth of knowledge and a collaborative approach, extended to both clients and employees.
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The collaboration between HealthLabs Care and Adequate has been ongoing for years. During this time, the agency has executed numerous successful campaigns, significantly contributing to the brand's success in the Polish market. Adequate is characterized by commitment, proactiveness, and a collaborative approach. It is a team of professionals with extensive knowledge, which they willingly share. The tremendous analytical support provided by the agency is invaluable, helping us optimize activities and achieve increasingly better results.

Bartłomiej German

Head of Performance & Loyalty Program

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In 2016, we chose Adequate as a partner for our internet marketing activities. Through 7 years of successful collaboration, we have elevated the quality of our initiatives in the realm of Google Ads and Social Media. Thanks to them, we have increased our customer base and sales, and their analytical guidance has enhanced our marketing processes. I highly recommend Adequate to those seeking experts in internet marketing.

Krzysztof Manias

E-commerce Manager

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"We have been collaborating with Adequate for the second year, and it is undoubtedly the most professional agency we have had the pleasure to work with. Entrusting them with SEM campaign management, clients can be confident that they will receive service and support at the highest level. In Adequate, we have encountered only top-notch professionals with high personal integrity and a customer-friendly attitude. I highly recommend them!

Anna Blachowska

Saltic Hotels

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