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Adequate Secures 4 Awards at the Global Marketing Awards!

Our case study “HealthLabs – From Zero to Superhero” has been recognized by the competition jury. The campaign emerged victorious in the following categories: Global Digital Campaign Global Use of Data Campaign Global Social Media Campaign and secured the 🥈 place in the Global Health/Beauty Campaign category.

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How to double conversion of a market leader’s campaign

  It is easy to grow fast if you are a startup or operate in an emerging niche.    Increasing sales is not difficult if your advertising budgets are very high and you can sacrifice your profitability.    However, if you are a leader in a highly competitive mass market and have to increase not only your revenue but also profits, you face a real challenge.    The following case study shows how numerous improvements in our Client’s campaigns, made it possible to increase sales without sacrificing profitability. Wyraź zgodę na cookie marketingowe, by zobaczyć flim lub obejrzyj go bezpośrednio w YouTube. This case was a winner of IAB MIXX Awards Romania and IAB MIXX Awards Europe. Wyraź zgodę na cookie marketingowe, by zobaczyć obraz lub obejrzyj go bezpośrednio na Instagramie. The campaign was also a finalist European Search Awards in the “Best PPC Campaign” category.    An important part of this success was the video campaign, with hard evidence of effectiveness measured by conversion lift study: YouTube Campaign – Conversion Lift Study.    This TrueView for Action campaign was also published as a case study by Think With Google. See also Performance Marketing Case Study.    Of course, a significant factor in the campaign’s success was the high-quality creative execution, which is an aspect that should not be overlooked: Wyraź zgodę na cookie marketingowe, by zobaczyć flim lub obejrzyj go bezpośrednio w YouTube.

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Digital strategy

Strategy is more than just a compilation of slides featuring chosen channels. It functions as a powerful lever, strategically applied in key areas to amplify the impact of your business endeavors. Commencing with an in-depth market analysis, we meticulously scrutinize your situation and competitive strengths, enabling you to fully leverage business opportunities. We devise comprehensive, multi-channel strategies that bolster your objectives, catering to both short-term and long-term goals.

Paid media

With the ability to scale flexibly, paid media becomes a key tool for reaching new customers.

We can enhance SEM, including Google Ads campaigns, with Paid Social on Meta platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Pinterest. Did you know that video advertising constitutes a significant 80% of internet traffic? Make sure your creations reach the right audience through Youtube Ads or DV360.


Achieving high organic search rankings is crucial for reaching users whose acquisition through a PPC model would be economically impractical. Successful SEO, facilitating a substantial return on investment, encompasses comprehensive solutions related to optimizing technical parameters, information architecture, and establishing the authority of your site.

Content marketing & organic

Expertly crafted and captivating content not only showcases your product but also fosters trust and aids in brand and community building. By examining the customer journey, we develop content strategies tailored to achieve both B2C and B2B business goals. Drawing on our experience and expertise, we create compelling content and formats that tell your unique story.

E-mail & marketing automation

We conduct email campaigns that deliver double-digit Open Rate metrics and yield tangible sales results, making this channel an integral part of the media mix. Analyzing and segmenting the database, devising content and sales strategies, and crafting compelling content with attention-grabbing layouts are crucial steps in constructing an effective email marketing strategy for your company.

Analytics & measurement

Effectively planned and configured analytics supply insights, allowing for the improvement of marketing efficiency, the elimination of inefficiencies, and the identification of latent growth potential for your business. Analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, provide a vast array of insights that, once interpreted and applied, will boost your return on investment.

Consent management

Ensuring online privacy involves more than just legal considerations; it’s also about fostering trust in your company. Our services encompass both advisory support and the complete implementation of consent management platforms.

We ensure compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy, along with Facebook and Google guidelines regarding consent mode. This ensures the quality of analytical and marketing data.



Conducting an audit and putting recommendations into action is a way to enhance the efficiency of processes and tools within the company. Entrusting the audit to an external entity offers the chance to align past strategies with fresh insights and perspectives. By conducting audits on Google Ads, performance, or SEO, you can boost their effectiveness in the long term.