How to double conversion of a market leader’s campaign


It is easy to grow fast if you are a startup or operate in an emerging niche. 


Increasing sales is not difficult if your advertising budgets are very high and you can sacrifice your profitability. 


However, if you are a leader in a highly competitive mass market and have to increase not only your revenue but also profits, you face a real challenge. 


The following case study shows how numerous improvements in our Client’s campaigns, made it possible to increase sales without sacrificing profitability.

This case was a winner of IAB MIXX Awards Romania and IAB MIXX Awards Europe.

The campaign was also a finalist European Search Awards in the “Best PPC Campaign” category. 


An important part of this success was the video campaign, with hard evidence of effectiveness measured by conversion lift study: YouTube Campaign – Conversion Lift Study


This TrueView for Action campaign was also published as a case study by Think With Google. See also Performance Marketing Case Study


Of course, a significant factor in the campaign’s success was the high-quality creative execution, which is an aspect that should not be overlooked:



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