2013/12/01 16:56

Reach and frequency report in Google AdWords

The reach and frequency report is available in the Dimensions section. Reach and frequency report shows how many people might see your ads and how many times the ads were displayed to a unique user in average.

Reach and frequency report shows only display network impressions, clicks and conversions. Impressions, clicks and conversions from search network campaigns are not included. However, video campaigns impressions, clicks and conversions are included here.

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The caption name Unique users is a little misleading in the case of frequency 8 or more. It does not mean that 4 193 839 users saw the ad 8 or more times. This figure represents the sum of the numbers of users who saw the ad 8, 9, 10… times. As the number of users who saw the ad n times includes users who saw the ad n+1 times, this figure does not have any real meaning in terms of users. Impressions would be a better name here.

So, how to interpret the data? What conclusions come from reach and frequency report? What is the optimum frequency? How to combine frequency capping with CPC bids management?

Our article explains how to interpret the reach and frequency data in Google AdWords display campaigns in and how to use it in practice.

The article is available to download here




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